I planned to repost a speech I gave in a class about making plans. However, since I already lost the file, I will just tell you the crux of the point here: I am silent with my plans, and will be silent with them, telling them only to the most important people in my life, and that is my family.

I’m successful when I do not tell my plans. If I announce my plans, I never succeed.


My application with AEV. Nobody exactly knew where I was applying. All of them were thinking I’d be in a newspaper. Ako ra, ug ako ra gyod ang nasayod asa ko padulong. If there are significant people who knew I’d be going there, then that’s my family.

When asked, I only tell them, “wa pay klaro lagi asa ko”. These people get surprised na lang when they find out nga I’ve been accepted already.

This is also true with the Aboitiz Future Leaders Business Summit last year. I only told my family, and just one friend about the application. I succeeded.

Even in matters such as love life, I never told anyone I was courting somebody. When I started telling people that I’m wooing a girl, I never succeeded in claiming the girl. However, when I was silent about wooing the girl, I always succeeded. I wonder.

Now, this is the lesson I am gonna hold dearly: I won’t broach the subject if not asked.


Opportunities (part 3)

Allow me to share with you how I got into Aboitiz. I was not able to share this one in class because I either forgot about it, or perhaps forgotten about it (did I just say it again?)

Ilijah Hermogenes happened to ask me during the summer break about whom to approach about the OJT program of Aboitiz Equity Ventures. It so happened that CAS Dean Teoddie Dumam-ag actually told Ilijah’s group about that opportunity. I would not have known of those plans had it not been for her. Therefore, thank you, Jang.

The next thing I knew was that I found myself making my resume. At that time I NEVER had plans of applying for Aboitiz (though I was a delegate of the 5th Aboitiz Future Leaders Business Summit, and that those who are part of the summit are given first priority in training, and hopefully, employment, within the group) because I was fixated about having a job in the media.

Call it God’s blessing for me because I planned to apply for a local newspaper as correspondent (and if not, as intern), but I wonder why I did not succeed in the first place. Whatever it is, I am thankful to God for allowing it to happen. It might be a manifestation of some other things.

I just applied. After talking with my contact there inside AEV, I confirmed that it was indeed Ms Carol who told Dean Teoddie about the opening for OJT for Corporate Communication. Then, I submitted my resume, and the rest is history.

I kept on waiting for weeks until I got the confirmation because I had to keep on calling them because I would also want to know ahead if I got it or not. Remember I am graduating this semester and I have to be ahead of the race all the time.

More of plans and sharing them in the next post.

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Opportunities (part 2)

Just today, I went back to the office to fix my backlogs and claim my certificate of completion. I was expecting that it would just be a quick transaction because it would just be about a piece of paper.

This also entailed my future diay.

After Vianney gave me the certificate of completion, we also got to talk about plans. There we go again to that subject of employment.

I told her though that I was interested to enter the corporate world for reasons I cannot tell you online.

In short, another job offer.

Although this is something I am not comfortable sharing online, let me tell you that this is the work of the Blessed Mother.

I was able to get the slot for OJT here after storming heaven and earth through Mama Mary. Through her intercession I also asked the Lord to make his will be done. Smile



This is a series of last posts regarding my training with Aboitiz Equity Ventures (AEV).

On my final hours with the establishment, I made this final talk with Ms Caroline Ballesteros, AVP for Corporate Communication of AEV. Serendipitously, I started my OJT in Ms Carol’s office and ended the same in her office as well.

“Oh, time really flies fast,” blurts Ms Carol. She never expected that the three months that I will be with them will come to a close.

I did not even expect that our conversation would take thirty minutes. Normally, for those in the corporate world, 30 minutes is a stretch at eternity. We focused on a lot of things like family, career and even to the point of pharmacists (one of our bosses wants to open a pharmacy and he needs a pharmacist).

When Ms Carol answered a phone call in the middle of our conversation (klaro na kaayo naglami na ang estorya), I blurted “Ka-busy gyod diay nimo, Miss Carol ‘sa?” To my surprise, she would say “Ikaw pud puhon, Luigi”.

This is the time we talked of employment. I just said “I wonder when, I wonder where”.

Before we knew it, we already broached about possible employment within the group.

More of this in the next post.

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My bosses at Aboitiz Equity Ventures have made me feel important (thought they try to refute it by asking for forgiveness that they haven’t focused on me so well).

Why wouldn’t I feel important when I am treated like an employee here in Aboitiz? Usually, interns are not treated the way they expect to be because of the fact that they are interns. They may not experience working things that are related to their forte or their strongest points. This may be because some employers may not have processed their interns prior to acceptance.

I have a long list of people to thank. I hope this already suffices.

First, my special thanks go to my mentors: Ms. Caroline Ballesteros, AVP-Corporate Communication; Ms. Theresa Sederiosa, External Relations Manager  and Ms. Evelyn Paul, EIC of Eyes,  for believing in my abilities to work in such an august company as Aboitiz Equity Ventures. They have made me feel special to the point that things that are only usually reserved for employees are entrusted to their trainees like me. They have believed in my potentials and talents.

Second, I thank my closest collaborator in the office, Yhol Colegado, who shared his experiences with me in my three-month sojourn with AEV. Things would never be the same without him at the helm of media relations.

Third, I also thank our FVP-Chief Reputation Officer Basti Lacson for sharing his time with me in my first days at AEV.

Lastly, to Vianney Yap for processing my application, facilitating my entry to AEV and her trust and confidence in me especially in handling social media during the Summit, of which I am a proud alumnus (I always have to emphasize this one because this is a crucial ingredient for my internship). Smile

God is always gracious to me that He has never forsaken his children. To Him be the highest praise and thanksgiving for all that has been in my three months with Aboitiz Equity Ventures. Truly, I have already espoused that passion for better ways through them.

Daghang salamat, ug hangtod sa sunod nato nga panagkita. Smile

See you at the summit!

The reason my blog posts are really short is because I am saving this one for the final stage of internship.

I am waiting for the Aboitiz Future Leaders’ Summit to take place on Friday and Saturday, August 19 and 20.

Even if I think I know what’s gonna be in store because I am a summit alumnus belonging to the 5th batch.

While I should say I shared many wonderful memories with the summit, I should say there will be more to come.

For now, see you at the summit. Smile


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Creativity: Am I Fit for the Cut?

Every time I write scripts or give suggestions to things artsy, I am always in doubt as regards my creativity. However, I wonder why people still ask for my suggestions as regards these things, whether here in the office or in school, or practically anywhere.

Perhaps it’s time I do not doubt about what my beautiful mind can do.

This time, I was tasked to look into the storyboard of an AVP for an award-giving body here in AEV.

I had to give in my suggestions and comments. In fact, I tried a very drastic move for the presentation. However, I just can’t post these things online. See me if you want to know them.

However, we still have to wait for further developments.

God, give me the faith not to doubt that I can do things with your help.

This should perhaps be my prayer.

Making differences through a passion for better ways

I wonder where all my suggestions will go after I do my training. Will it go to the waste basket, or will it experience fruition with the present system?

If these go to the waste basket, okay lang. If they carry them out, aw maayo ra pud gihapon.

We cannot please everyone. Libakon man gani ta. But it’s part of the spice called variety. I will just let them be.

Being in an organization like this reminds me of all other organizations which I have been into: There are always bad apples in a set.

I have to think that I am not alone and I have to contend with the atmosphere even if just one person is against me.

In my last weeks in AEV, I still want to make a difference, a cut above the rest. I just have to find the right timing.

I wonder how I should make a difference. I’m trying to, but this will have to pass through a lot of filters before it actually percolates.

Passion, where are you?

In a matter of days we will be having the Future Leaders’ Summit. This is where we hone the skills of 90 selected young leaders from all over the Philippines.

This year, the summit will take place at the Radisson Blu at the North Reclamation Area. This is to me quite a major change as for the last five years, until my batch last year, the summit was held at the Waterfront.

There are a lot of things that I would love to share with you but in line with company policies, it would seem that I should keep this to myself lang muna and wait until the summit is over, or at least ongoing.

However, what I will tell you is that I have tasks during the Summit, not as direct participant, but as member of the working committee. This is a far cry from what I did last year, because I had to be there as direct participant.

Of course, those tasks will be in line with what I do as part of the Corporate Communications team.

For those part of last years’ summit who will be reading this one, expect some tweaks during this summit. Venue pa lang gani, kausaban na. 

For now, let’s see what will happen in the next few days.


I have always told myself I will never work for an advertising agency, nor will I work for people who do advertisements because I’ve been fixated with the news, and nothing more but the news. This is because of my strict personality which makes it more fit for news. I wonder where any of my strictness will fit in advertising, as that is a field for creative minds and colorful ways.

However, here at AEV, I was tasked to negotiate with the two largest networks, GMA and ABS-CBN for airtime for the Aboitiz Race to Reduce. The ads were aired last August 4 and 5.

What makes me more proud is that I wrote the advertisement myself. I did not expect my bosses to let me try writing that advertisement.

I was just tasked to convert the information to make it sound like a broadcast advertisement. I just did not write the advertisement, I also wrote instructions as to how the advertisement should appear. Thank God almost all my ideas were carried.

This is just plain fulfillment.

I might plan to upload the video anytime soon. Let’s see if circumstances permit.

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