Clearing Obscure Paths, Sharpening Dull Points

I’d rather write something very serious (which I could be very good at) rather than write about something humorous when there is actually nothing funny at all (or perhaps I am no funny man).

This is my essay which I submitted to my bosses at AEV before they decided to hire me as their trainee. The entire process of hiring is very tedious that it actually took me three weeks before I was told I got the position.

Here it goes:

“Okay, when you entered the building on the way to the lobby, you just passed by the office of the Corporate Communications Department,” I was told while being ushered into the office by HR specialist Vianney Yap, who also happened to be my contact person in the preparation stages of this on-the-job training. Obviously, the view was just quite obscure to me.

After Ms Vianney uttered those words, I realized how obscured my view was of the offices inside the building.

Owing perhaps to the new set-up following the construction of the building adjacent to the present corporate center, I just realized it was only my second time in that building following that qualifying interview prior to the 5th Future Leaders’ Summit.

At first thought, I already imagined the setup: three panelists with papers on a long table and the interviewee seated in the center of the hall.

However, it was not as I imagined. When I entered the room, I saw three women seated in different positions, as if engaging in a light conversation over coffee (there was no coffee, only papers).

And, there went the usual “tell me more of yourself” question by panel head and AVP for Corporate Communications Caroline Ballesteros. Of course, I had to think of some other things that are not written in my curriculum vitae.

I thought that this would be something so formal. Nary a thought of nervousness was in me when we went through the entire conversation. After a few minutes, we all found ourselves laughing.

We all came to the point where we had to do some introspection, on motives and passions. Ms Carol, together with external communications officer Theresa Sederiosa and creative communication head Evelyn Paul, who is also the editor-in-chief of the corporate publication, found out that I was part of the 5th summit.

This was where we had to talk about passions. Since they found out that “I could write and speak”, I was asked what my inclinations where, or where I would want to situate myself. I told Ms Carol that “since I am in a setting like this, I’d prefer to write”.

As always, we would never shy away from the question on “finding your passion, shaping your future” and the mantra of having “passion for better ways”.

However, in the midst of the laughter in that entire conversation, I already foresaw myself as a pencil, with the lead symbolic of my character. In order to find use, I need to experience painful sharpening daily. In order to write well, all the more will I need sharpening. As I write, I leave a mark. If I make mistakes, I need not worry as I can erase these and I can write them again. In every sharpening, my character is also enhanced, and, the shortening of the pencil is a symbol we will all reach the point when we cease to exist.

At this point, I have already thought that working with the company will make me akin to a good pencil. Since I am made to leave a mark by my passion for communication, this training will prune my edges, sharpen the dull ends, and eventually, as I age, I will leave many marks—good marks at that.

For sure, the view to that office—where I will learn to live that passion with the loving pruning and sharpening, will not be as obscured and obstructed as in the first time I entered.


About Luigi Flores
Brother Luigi Flores: Writer/Editor. Mass Communication Instructor. Voice-over Artist. Upcoming Radio Host. Youth Minister. Lector/Psalmist.

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