Unanswered questions

February 3, 2011

You may not know it, but I always get questions from those in their lower years. The questions would often be about internship and fourth year life.

This might be the chance for me to answer those questions thoroughly because when I get to talk with the younger generation of mass communication students, I don’t get to give them very thorough answers.
I may not be an expert in the world that I wish to be in, nor can I claim that I have all the knowledge this world can handle.
Questions like:
“Kuya Luigi, okay ra ba ang imong gitrabahoan karon?”

To be honest, I don’t have problems with my work there at dyAB. In fact, I’ve made really good acquaintances with the people there.

For one, I improved relations with people I have already known even before I became an intern with dyAB. Juve Villar and JT Benz were two people whom I have known beforehand. Juve was an interviewee for a project, and JT is a classmate of a beloved uncle. I will not elaborate more here as I really do not want to talk about friendships in public. I’d rather have them private.
Juve and I always sang songs, and we even tried to compose a song together. He gave me tips in composition, which could perhaps be a subject of another post.
JT is fond of innovation (no wonder he and my uncle became so close in college). He challenged me to think of ways to innovate what we could at the station. I don’t know what has become of my project inside the station: to create a efficient system for lost and found articles surrendered at the station.
Allow me to also make mention of someone who made me believe in my talent, RC Dalaguit. Litle did I know that she was a next-door neighbor when I was in my first year of high school (she was in her first year of college that time). She is, up to now, fond of my broadcast voice and my singing voice (only she and Juve really heard me sing). She never fails to commend me for the things I do inside. No wonder mura na siya og ate nako. Remember I don’t have an older sister, only an older brother.

I only met June Perez when I became an intern. He taught me to go out of the box, to go beyond my assignments, to go beyond what is given me. Because of him I had mustered enough courage to pursue my own stories, of course, with his instructions on what assignments to take (magsinapaway na gani hinoon).
“Kuya Luigi, diba nakasulti na ka nako sa una nga naka-cover ka sa Capitol? Unya nakakaon na ka didto?”

Kahibalo mo, I really do not like the idea of eating at the Capitol, during the daily press conferences there. Mind you, mura’g ngilngig kaayo ang feeling kon mokaon ka didto kay kada adlaw, you write stories and file stories about the Governor, the Provincial Government and all other offices, and it seems that when you get to eat there, you do not want to write anymore or report anymore about the bad things happening inside the offices of the Capitol.

If you really look at it, lunch is served every day at the Capitol. Maria Lina provides for the catering. Kada adlaw gyod nang kaon diha. Question is, why do they have to feed the media there every single day? Eileen Mangubat, Cebu Daily News publisher once told me that “we Filipinos give so much meaning to food.” If we give so much meaning to food, then we think about the giver of the food and we start to think well of the giver even if we see something bad. In short, dear friend, you lose your objectivity.

For this post, I would want to answer more questions, but I think I only have time for one more question. This time, I have to acknowledge the sender, Baging del Mar.
“Luigi, why do you sleep so late?”
The answer to this question is not about internship. It is about personal matters, Ging. However, since I have rediscovered my love for writing through this blog, I would acknowledge that one reason for me staying up late is for me to write something here. Even if this is a requirement for my internship, this is one thing I don’t find burdensome because writing is something I love to do.
And, I won’t make this long so that you won’t wonder why I still stay up late.

Good night, Ging.  Good night everyone. I love you all.


About Luigi Flores
Brother Luigi Flores: Writer/Editor. Mass Communication Instructor. Voice-over Artist. Upcoming Radio Host. Youth Minister. Lector/Psalmist.

4 Responses to Unanswered questions

  1. Baging del Mar says:

    Nice one, Luigi! 🙂 I’ll keep following your blog posts… I enjoy reading them, a lot, a lot! 🙂

    • latigorapido says:

      Thanks, Ging! 😀

      Good to know that you’re following. 😀

      Pray that I could sustain this. God bless you. I hope to see you around 😀

  2. jamesvahn007 says:

    ayos nyor!

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