Welcome, Archbishop Palma

January 12, 2011


We went to the station for a different purpose. We had to meet for the Sinulog Coverage of dyAB.

Of course, I knew that Archbishop Palma would arrive.

So, during the course of our stay there, we acquainted ourselves with our future assignments. We already knew what to do, and what to accomplish during the entire coverage of the Sinulog, from the Misa de Traslacion on Friday to the Grand Parade on Sunday.

However, my fellow interns and I got so into our conversations inside the newsroom to the point that June Berongan started to ask: “Kinsay mokuyog sa field?” (Who wants to come with me to the field?) Razel Cuizon readily volunteered.

I began to ask Razel where June’s destination was. When I learned that he would be going to see the new archbishop, I still had second thoughts of going as we were so engrossed with our conversation (remember that this was also a sort of a reunion for us interns of dyAB).

Finally, I decided to go with Razel. We went to the crew cab, and off we went to the airport. June B started to orient us with how the coverage should go about. We would talk about how fast the convoy went, and how the people would receive the new archbishop, and the ceremonies that would take place as Ricardo Cardinal Vidal would welcome Archbishop Palma.

Of course, as expected, security is strict at the MIP of the Mactan-Cebu International Airport. The guard got our names and off we went. The guards there already knew our purpose.

At the MIP, I met other media people. I also saw Ryan Sorote covering for the Freeman, Candeze Mongaya for CDN and Badette Parco for Sun.Star. Ubay-ubay gyod tong mga kauban nato sa buhat nga mi-cover.

It was history when I saw Palma at the steps of the MIP (Most Important Person) Lounge at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport.


When Archbishop Palma set foot on the MIP Lounge, I felt a sense of fatherly authority. Palma was a tall and robust man, and even if he is 60, one could say is just over 50.

Government dignitaries like Mayor Rama, General Villanueva of the Central Command, Colonel Digal of the PNP in Cebu, Church dignitaries like Bishop Cortes, Bishop Rañola and other dignitaries from the various sectors of society greeted him at his arrival. Who knows, this could be their chance to get close to Archbishop Palma?

We entered the room where the dignitaries could get to have a brief talk with Palma. He just answered a few questions from the media. He was wearing a cassock a bishop usually wears: with red lining and red buttons in front, and with a purple skullcap.

We had to rush back to our crew cab in order to be able to follow the convoy. There we began our blow-by-blow account of Palma’s arrival.

A sea of white and yellow greeted Palma. Children from different schools went out to welcome him with yellow and white flaglets, reminiscent of the Vatican . Workers had to stop what they were doing in order to get a glimpse of their new shepherd. Motorists peeped into the motorcade just to see who this new “boarder” in the Archbishop’s Residence would be.

All the while we in the media thought that Palma would stop and pray at the National Shrine of Saint Joseph in Mandaue. Di’ diay. He just stopped for a very short while, and fortunate for those who waited for hours because he went out of his van even for a very short while. He was able to see the performances of the children from the nearby schools.

And, we went on. The same thing happened. Workers, schoolchildren, passersby stopped and looked at the Arcbishop inside the van. In Mabolo, the bells rang as the convoy passed by. Cardinal Vidal celebrated his last mass as Archbishop in that parish as part of its 219th founding anniversary, a day before Palma arrived. Incidentally, the church is also dedicated to Saint Joseph, the personal patron and namesake of Palma.

The same situation happened. People went out, streamers were hung, praises were chanted until we arrived at the Archbishop’s Residence Compound.

As we arrived at the Palace, Sinulog dancers greeted Palma.


Fortunato “June” Berongan and I were so fortunate (as Jun B’s name suggests) to be able to go inside the Chapel of Saint Joseph. (I am beginning to notice that everything has fallen in place for Palma as everything is named after Saint Joseph).

There we went, receiving holy water which Palma used to bless us. Inside the chapel I also saw Joworski Alipon of ABS-CBN News (and a former classmate), Karla Bermudo of dyLA, Divine Marcial-Flores and Janice Olmilla of CCTN.

It was history for all of us who were there. I never expected to be there. I knew for a fact that someone else would be able to cover that, and that I may not have a chance to cover. Good thing I decided to go there.

From there, I started to annotate the events as they came. I became a commentator of the events inside the Chapel of Saint Joseph. I had to relate the things spoken in Latin, the personalities inside and the events that will follow.

In short, I wrote history.

And, I’m proud of it.


About Luigi Flores
Brother Luigi Flores: Writer/Editor. Mass Communication Instructor. Voice-over Artist. Upcoming Radio Host. Youth Minister. Lector/Psalmist.

One Response to Welcome, Archbishop Palma

  1. jamesvahn007 says:

    astig ka nyor! 🙂 keep it up!

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