The Unexplainable Call

Again, another repost from Facebook. This time, it is from a classmate at the Our Lady of the Angels Seminary in Novaliches, where I spent a semester of philosophy.
Br. Lynch Kristoffer Flores, or known by his religious name as Br. Anthony Mary Kolbe, apart from having the same surname as mine, is someone so devoted to our Blessed Mother. He is someone whom I could talk with about seeking recourse through the Blessed Mother and the Saints. He is a professed religious of the Brothers of the Holy Face.

In this note, he talks about how God can move us in the most mysterious of ways, that even in the ordinary circumstances of daily life, one could experience what it is to be called.

We have all experienced being called. This happens through different forms and manners. It may either be through the most common means of communication, the phone or through other ways but all aims for one thing, to be able to communicate, to send a message or to express ourselves.

In my life, I’ve experienced being called as well. I am constantly being called by different persons but there is one call I can perhaps never forget, the Call I received from Him.

Writing about this may cause shame to me. In the sense that there is nothing permanent in this world, in the future this may be used against me but I do not seem to be bothered by this, I’m thankful to say that the Lord called me, in a special way, in an extraordinary way, in a way that surpasses the ordinary laws of nature. In the reality that “eternity” is humbling down for someone like me.

I really can’t explain it. The thought of it? What can I say, it does make me smile and feel embarrassed. It makes me blush perhaps. Its really unexplainable. One would wonder, why would “you” guys (pertaining to all consecrated) would waste your time in the convent struggling against your rebellious selves, bearing all the trials, the answer I don’t know. I can explain because we’ve chosen the better part, where serving the greatest of all masters but as I thought about it, I don’t really know, unexplainable as I’ve said.

Its like your looking for something which you can not find anywhere. You’ve done everything to be able to attain a certain kind of peace but can not find it. And when you find it, no matter how hard it is, no matter how unattainable things might be, you would exert all, give up all you can and eventually even to the point of literally do all to be able to get that.

The unexplainable call do exist. The word itself describes what its about. I wonder what could the Blessed Virgin have felt after receiving for herself, an “unexplainable call”. What keeps us going? I don’t know, what motivates us I’m not sure, I guess its really the unexplainable call.

The call upon which no voice can be heard, no assurance is given and nothing is given in return. No pay, no gain but full of pain. That is where the call starts. Its actually not a call of merely going to heaven, not just a call of service but its a call to Love. Whatever we do, whatever the work, its our call to Love. The unconditional love, the love without return, the love of which you would “sacrifice” all.

The call is really unexplainable. Its a call to love the Lord. I am just happy that He gave me a little call. And I’d be very much willing to give a response. Till I reached this state. How sweet is the love of Him, yet how little the love we give to Him.

The call comes in many ways, our works, our daily duties all are calls from Him, and through the sanctification of our daily duties, doing our best at the ordinary works, the call of which we were given becomes a response to His love.

What is that unexplainable call then? It’s the Call of Love, and the response is love as well.

Author’s note: Let us pray for more holy and committed vocations in the Catholic Church. Please offer your prayers for Br. Lynch that he may persevere in his consecration to the Holy Face and to the Blessed Mother.

Please also include me in your prayers, especially for my vocation, if it is not too much asking from you.

God bless you. Ave Maria!

-Luigi Flores



About Luigi Flores
Brother Luigi Flores: Writer/Editor. Mass Communication Instructor. Voice-over Artist. Upcoming Radio Host. Youth Minister. Lector/Psalmist.

2 Responses to The Unexplainable Call

  1. waaa you posted it really… hehe.. hope it wud do something good for the glory of God

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