Uliot diha, part

It was a day after the Pacquiao-Margarito fight. It was a Monday.

At the courts, it was a day for case raffling. At the Capitol, it was a day for press conferences.

In short, ladies and gentlemen, it was just another ordinary day.

There were no new cases filed at the prosecutors’ offices, and I was not really familiar with the Criminal Records Section of the Palace of Justice. Why would I dare enter? I was afraid.

Hell, even if I made friends with a guard at the Palace of Justice, I still had inhibitions of entering the Criminal Records Section. No wonder I would not make any progress there.

I tried entering the prosecutors’ office. I asked how the usual processes took place, what the first steps are. The lady at the Provincial Prosecutors’ Office just told me to look at the flow chart outside.

Hell, I could not even understand the procedures. What on earth did this mean?

To answer my confusion, I went to the receiving area of the Prosecutor’s Office just in front of the offices of the fiscals. I was not received well as the people there were busy (It was quite obvious that everyone at that room wanted to have some space to themselves amid all the papers and all).

I received the same answer when I tried to ask them: "Sir, tan’awa lang ang flow chart sa gawas." So far, this was the order for the day: Look outside and you will see. What’s that, a miracle? No, it wasn’t. It is more of justice delayed, justice denied as the alibis they gave me were: "Sir, naa man god mi timetable for finishing the cases. Kon ganahan ka, adto lang sa atbang." Or, as if not wanting to lose any single stroke of luck: "Sir, busy pa man ko sa raffling sa mga kaso." True enough, the papers rolled were to be used for the afternoon raffle of cases.

Ah, after receiving the refusals left and right, I managed to call the news desk with my wireless land line phone, and good thing, I was able to reach him.

I received instructions to get stories from men on the street. I did not waste one moment. I would have gotten Assistant Ombudsman Virginia Palanca-Santiago. I wonder what made me back off.

I just proceeded to Branch XIII, where the Executive Judge Meinrado Paredes held office. Good thing he was accomodating. He answered my questions about Pacquiao retiring from boxing. In fact, I still have a recording of our conversation which I have not deleted.

I proceeded to Branch XIV where Judge Raphael Yrastorza held office. Sus, good timing. I read that there was a promulgation going on. I attended, then I tried if I could get notes, or at least a copy of the decision.

I never did get a copy. The workers inside the office of the Clerk of Court refused my request, saying that "it is the policy of Judge."

The court was already in recess when I got the court interpreter. I began to ask her questions regarding the promulgation of the case of attempted homicide against a minor which she just read minutes before I disturbed her lunch. Good thing she just readily answered the questions. One report in.

I wonder how I managed. That could have risked me my liberty as a person as it was tantamount to contempt of court. Nonetheless, I still managed. I got to report it at an afternoon newscast.

One thing for today after all the nerve-wracking wrestling with beloved contempt of court: Uliot diha, part.


About Luigi Flores
Brother Luigi Flores: Writer/Editor. Mass Communication Instructor. Voice-over Artist. Upcoming Radio Host. Youth Minister. Lector/Psalmist.

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