Stratification and Differentiation

Guess where…

On Facebook. Yes, on Facebook.

In a quest to make my Facebook experience worthwhile (and perhaps, to make it peaceful in every known aspect), I had to “segregate” my Facebook friends into different categories:

  • Aboitiz 5th Future Leaders’ Summit (all my friends from the 5th Aboitiz Future Leaders’ Summit are in this category).
  • Advocacy Activists (a group of friends taking up Liberal Arts and Commerce [Liacom], something which I could write about in later)
  • Amigos y amigas de la Universidad de San Carlos (lit: “Friends from the University of San Carlos”; where I spent three years of high school and a semester in Philosophy)
  • Amigos y amigas dudosos (lit: “Doubtful friends”‘; friends whose integrity I have already doubted because of certain circumstances in my life)
  • Comite del silencio (The silent committee: People who seem to be silent, or perhaps, really silent; yet we have to gauge their integrity)
  • Consejo de los dioses (lit: “The Council of the gods”; a name which I give to members of the Supreme Student Council of the University of San Jose-Recoletos; reasons for stratification shall be given later)
  • Familia (Obviously, family. Need I say more?)
  • Franciscanos (Franciscans; my friends from the Order of Friars Minor, where I was a seminarian and a student of philosophy at the Seminarium Sanctæ Mariæ Angelorum in Novaliches, Quezon City)
  • Los periodistas (lit: “The journalists”; this listing contains journalists working for all media; also a depository of other media personalities who are my Facebook friends)
  • Otros estudiantes de comunicacion de la Universidad de San Jose-Recoletos (lit: “Other communication students from the University of San Jose-Recoletos”; a depository of Mass Communication classmates who are “neutral” in one way or the other; may be “promoted” to either “Amigos y amigas dudosas” or worse, “Personæ non gratæ“)
  • Otros estudiantes de comunicacion de otros escuelas (lit: “Other communication students from other schools”; repository of Mass Communication friends who are from other schools; CAMS officers are also grouped here)
  • Otros sacerdotes (lit: “Other priests”; these are priests who do not belong to religious congregations; diocesan priests make up the majority of those in this stratum)
  • Personæ non gratæ (plural of “persona non grata”; you know why they exist in that stratum)
  • Salesianos (lit: “The Salesians of Don Bosco”; one religious congregation whose spirituality I’ve learned to love since my elementary years; priests and religious of the second largest religious congregation in the Catholic Church are contained here)
  • Otros amigos (obviously, “other friends”. In short, unclassified. They will be moved to other classifications in a matter of time.)


I have been using Facebook in Spanish. So far, even if the translations are just 98% complete, the entire interface looks complete already. I don’t have any qualms with my experience.

My love for Spanish was enhanced by my Elementary Spanish classes with Señor Pacheco Polestico, schooled in the seminaries of Spain.

Had it not been for my little knowledge of Latin, I would not have appreciated more the Spanish language. Since I do not have anyone to speak Spanish with, I just “substitute” the speaking exercises with the user interface of Facebook which I have set to Spanish.



About Luigi Flores
Brother Luigi Flores: Writer/Editor. Mass Communication Instructor. Voice-over Artist. Upcoming Radio Host. Youth Minister. Lector/Psalmist.

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