Boto Mo, Ipatrol Mo at Lapu-lapu City; Monday Crisis

Friday, April 23, 2009

Tiffany Montaña gave me a text message at around 7 pmasking me if I could take part in a friendly debate with an unknown opponent for the Boto Mo, Ipatrol Mo sortie at the gym at Poblacion, Lapu-lapu City yesterday. Because I love things like this, I readily said yes.

She also expected me to contact Sade Andria Braza and Giovanni Garcia, two of my classmates who are also into debate. I told Tiffany that they are out of town and I could not get to have them on Monday. The topic, according to a message sent to Tiffany by ABS-CBN reporter Carmi Cavanlit, was about the Tourism Act.

No message was sent from that night on until last Sunday, April 25.

At around 6pm, Tiffany was asking if I would really say yes. So I kept on asking what side I will be defending and what the propostion would really be. She told me she’ll give me Carmi’s number.

No number came.

Monday, April 26, 2009

I already made up my mind to go to my mom’s office. But I decided once more to go to school and look for more fun (I did not enroll myself for the summer term… I don’t have any more subjects to enroll myself in).

I met Jonathan Tan and there we talked. We had our usual lunch conversations, checked my messages and texted Nestor Ramirez and Harvey Inahid about some decisions the Masscom Coordinates Execom arrived at.

It was around 12pm when I decided I wouldn’t show up there. No text arrived, no one followed me up. There I was, waiting. I had my conversations with Joshua Heredia, and Lourince Caballero and Kristine Joy Abillero came along. The two ladies looked pensive as they presented the same problem Lourince told me over the phone last Friday.

Atan and I decided to go to where Joshua was. Boredom impelled me to text Nestor at around 2pm to ask where he was. Good thing he was just there at the canteen. It was 2pm.

Joshua left for basketball practice, and Jose Lewis “Tsong” Gachalian tagged along with us. Lo and behold Nestor and a nun conversing.

We had our usual conversations and they left after a few minutes.

At around 3:30 pm, Carmi called. She was asking where I was and I gave her my location. An ABS-CBN crew cab was to fetch me.

On the phone, she asked me to get two more people to be with me for that debate. Good grief, I found none. I tried to coax Atan in a shouting tone since we were conversing in the entrance of the school where there was a renovation going on.

He said yes, then finally no. Hahaha. I quite expected that as he already sent feelers even last Friday that he would not want to come to this affair.

I had a hard time saying no to Carmi. This was the hardest thing I had to face here: the impulse to say no. We went back to the Forward office and tried as hard as possible to coax Dennis Sebastian Davide. Of course, he refused.

I had no choice but to leave the office to see if the crew cab has come.

Finally, at around 4pm, the crew cab arrives. We first went to Corona del Mar in Talisay City to get food for the crew at Opon. We were already driving in speeds of about 120 kph. After that, SM. We were to fetch a band. The band showed up only after 20 minutes.

We were then stuck in Mandaue traffic as we reached the Mandaue City gymnasium and the City Hospital. We were left with no choice but to turn left to the City Hall. Same problem. Traffic jam, Mandaue style.

We finally head toward the first bridge and lo and behold. Bumper to bumper traffic. The thing is, I now hear Rico Lucena saying that the debate de avance is ongoing. Carmi now keeps on calling, “Luigi, Luigi, asa na man mo? Hala, layo-a pa diay ninyo oi.”

I was happiest when I knew that I would not have my chance to talk as I was never prepared.

As we traversed the streets of Poblacion, Lapu-lapu, I already prepared myself to just watch the goings-on there. My other agendum would be fulfilled: to ask Carmi, as an alumna of USJ-R, if she would be open to having alumni at the acquaintance party.

5:40 pm

I was now at the gymnasium. I saw some familiar faces: reporters Rachelle Dangin, former CAMS President and Reno Tallada, former Masscom Coordinates president and of course, Carmi, who was head of the Josenian Debatista.

We enjoyed some short, beautiful conversations. All the his and hellos that were never said for some time were revived.

I also happened to meet erstwhile instructor and reporter Rico Lucena. As always, he’s busy with his script as he was to go live for TVP World.

I was able to reach a part of the debate. I came in as a member of the audience and was able to ask my questions about their propositions based on what I have last heard. Well, at least I did not shame myself.

I got more freebies: pins and a bag. At least. I gained something.

I was also able to tell Carmi my idea of having the alumni at our acquaintance party for the Coordinates. She was sooo enthusiastic about it. I hope the other alumni in media think the same way too.

After exchanging pleasantries and besos with Carmi, I decided to leave. It was 6.30 pm when I left. I was afraid I couldn’t catch the last ferry ride (good thing the last trip is at 10pm).

I arrived at around 8pm.


About Luigi Flores
Brother Luigi Flores: Writer/Editor. Mass Communication Instructor. Voice-over Artist. Upcoming Radio Host. Youth Minister. Lector/Psalmist.

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